The Great Snowden Hoax

CIA Snowden was brought to you by UN Security Council the Four Policemen:  UK, US, Russia & China.  That’s why Snowden is from US, fled to China and lives in Russia while his operation was carried out in UK by CIA Agent Julian Assange.

Intercept was created for Snowden and gave $1,000,000 to Clinton, while 99.95% of all Snowden docs were never released. Snowden and Assange are just glorified CIA garbage men. They never released anything we didn’t already know, but they did say things about 9/11 that were lies. Bush said his best friend on 9/11 was Putin who now houses * Snowden.

That whole Assange/Snowden/Manning group is heavily funded by Freemason Ford Foundation, George Soros, Rockefeller, Bronfman and Rothschild. 


Mass media are currently funneling * their secret intake docs thru Snowden in Russia as president of Freedom of the Press Foundation.  This is why *  they MURDERED Aaron Swartz */ **  AND his partner Marine James Dolan,*/ ** took their program and gave it to Snowden to funnel all Earth’s whistleblower secrets to UN Security Council.



See, also, Kevin Poulsen & Adrian Llamo.

NOTE: Intercept’s Micah Lee also doctored the WikiLeaks private DM chat log that Assange leaked.

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